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 About Fansia: Established in 2002, we at Fansia supply glassware, art & crafts and gift products. Our management has more than a decade of experience working with buyers from the US and Europe. 

 Our packing Facility: our packing facility named Weifang Effort Art & Craft Co. Ltd. , which located in Weifang Kuiwen district. Covering an area of 2000 square meters workshop and armed with 150 skillful workers labor forces, enable us to handle your order with punctual shipment and guaranteed quality.

 Our Products: We are based in Weifang -- one of mainland China's glassware manufacturing hubs. This location has allowed us to assemble an R&D team with some of the most skilled designers in the country. We develop 10 innovative creations each month -- including our DIY mosaic kits. They come with all the components your customers need to make their own glass mosaic artwork. Each kit includes pieces of stained glass, colored premixed grout, glue adhesive and wheeled glass cutters etc. We're the only mainland China supplier that produces them.

 Infused fruit vinegar and spices oil products is one of our traditional production line. We developed this products with Shonfled's in China from 1994. We have more than 100 skillful worker and 11 years experience to ensure the project with you to success.  We also had supplied huge quantities reeds diffusers products to Wal-Mart.

 OEM requests are welcome and we provide samples in one to two weeks. With two shareholder packing facilities and more than 10 partner factories, we can ship up to 50xFCL40' containers of glassware , 20 FCL20' fruit vinegars and oil products and 10 of mosaic kits every month. We provide custom packaging and logo services.

 Contact us today to enjoy our fansia gift packing and new products development service